The Department of Mineralogy, Petrography and Geochemistry

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Structural subdivision of the Department:

  • interdepartmental laboratory of X-ray analysis

(Head of laboratory: Dvorianskyi A.M.);

  • laboratory of physical research of minerals and rocks and lithology

(Head of laboratory: Burban K.A.);

  • Mineralogical Museum named after Academician Yevhen Lazarenko

(Head of laboratory: Buchynska A.V.);

Main disciplines:

  • mineralogy;
  • genetic mineralogy;
  • ore mineralogy;
  • crystallography;
  • petrology;
  • petrography of crystalline rocks;
  • metasomatic processes;
  • lithology;

Areas of research

  • Petrography of magmatic and metamorphic complexes of rocks in western and central Ukraine. Supervisor: Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, associate professor Skakun L.Z.
  • Mineralogical and petrographic features of geotourism sites and monuments of cultural heritage of Western Ukraine. Supervisor: Candidate of Geological Sciences, associate professor Borniak U.I.
  • Lithostratigraphy of the Phanerozoic sedimentary cover deposits of the southwestern margin of the Eastern European platform. Supervisor: Candidate of Geological Sciences, Kostiuk O.V.

The Department of Mineralogy, Petrography and Geochemistry was established on January 1, 2020 as a result of the merge of the Departments of Mineralogy and Petrography.

The Department trains full-time, evening and part – time specialists at the educational and scientific level of Doctor of Philosophy in specialty 103-Earth Sciences (mineralogy and crystallography). In the post-war years, postgraduates and staff of the Department defended more than 40 PhD theses. It is worth mentioning the following  scientists of the Department:

E.K. Lazarenko – A. A. Yasynska, M. M. Slyvko, O. P. Furman, S. I. Dromashko, Yu. P. Pekun, O. M. Vynar, M. P. Habinet, Yu. M. Melnyk, O. I. Matkovskyi, Z. V. Bartoshynskyi, P. M. Bilonizhka, B. I. Srebrodolskyi, U. I. Phenoshyn;

O.I. Matkovskyi – E. M. Slyvko, L. S. Skakun, V. S. Stepanov, V. O. Dyakiv, V. I Borniak, O. V. Kostiuk;

Z.V. Bartoszynski – S. M. Bekesha, V. Zhykharieva, I. V. Poberezhska;

L. S. Skakun – I. Mudrovska, O. V. Yemets, O. V. Tsilmak


Acting ChairpersonIryna POBEREZHSKAActing Chairperson
ProfessorOrest MATKOVSKYIProfessor
Associate ProfessorSerhii BEKESHAAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorUlyana BORNYAKAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOleksandr KOSTYUKAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorLeonid SKAKUNAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorNadiya SLOVOTENKOAssociate Professor
LecturerNataliya BILYKLecturer
2nd Category EngineerOlena SAVINA2nd Category Engineer
Senior Department SecretaryInha POPOVASenior Department Secretary

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