Strategy of work, purposes and objectives of the Faculty of Geology

  1. Ensuring high quality of the educational process and personality development (a person with professional intelligence and innovation potential).
  2. Widening the integration of the faculty into the global scientific and educational space and the formation of modern educational and scientific infrastructure.
  3. Transformation of university museums into a modern didactic base for training highly qualified specialists and educational, aesthetic and career guidance life.

Implementation of these strategic purposes of faculty development allows:

In the field of educational process: to establish new master’s educational programs – “Military Geology”, “Economics of Mineral Resources”, “Medical Geology”, to expand and widen the use of computer technology in the educational process and research; for involvement of foreign professors in the educational and scientific process; and since geology is a scientific and applied science, where any production issue is both scientific and educational, it is necessary to teach fundamental and applied disciplines of the educational process from this point of view; to tighten the requirements for students to learn English.

In the field of methodical activity: to stimulate the writing of scientific and educational textbooks and methodical developments from the courses taught at the faculty; to assemble new collections of minerals, rocks and paleontological remnants of organisms and flora as an important didactic basis for a quality educational process; to update the demonstration lecture materials for courses and special courses; to develop new methodology for a number of educational (geological mapping, ecological survey, general geological introductory training).

In the field of research and innovative activity: to develop forecasting-metallogenic research on diamonds, gold, rare and rare-earth metals; in-depth studies of genetic and regional mineralogy, nano-mineralogy; problems of migration and accumulation of chemical elements in magmatogenic, hydrothermal and exogenous processes; tectonic constructions; micropaleontology; GIS technologies; to improve technologies for the application of geochemical survey in order to use new composites for the diagnosis of oil and gas wells and increase hydrocarbon production; to carry out various measures for the implementation of economic contract works in the field of oil and gas geology; to implement various applied developments of departments into the science park of the university.

In the field of organizational activity: to fully involve faculty members in participation of expert councils and commissions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, specialized scientific councils; to conduct scientific meetings and symposiums, to participate in international commissions; permanently carry out rating of scientific and pedagogical workers; to ensure constant assistance and reorganization of electronic document management at the faculty; career guidance work; organization of access to world electronic publications.