Your perspectives

Your perspectives

Geology is the science of our beautiful Earth, which reveals the history of its origin and development as well as studies its modern structure. It explains the emergence of life on Earth; describes all the events that took place in the past: the movement of seas and oceans, the formation of mountains and lowlands; volcanoes, earthquakes, continents and sea depressions; considers the origin of various rocks, minerals, and ores; explains the patterns of their distribution. Geology has an important applied meaning – the discovery of mineral resources.

While studying at the Faculty of Geology you will master the modern methods of investigating the structure and features of the material composition of the Earth; use computer technology to analyze geological information and create designs in the field of geographic information systems as well as use technologies for collecting, processing, storing and interpreting geological and geophysical data obtained during relevant studies of geological structures.

At our faculty you will have the chance to perform in interesting educational field practices. These include the first practice in the Carpathians and Podilia, the second practice in the field laboratory of geological and ecological research in village Verkhnie Synovydne, and the third practice at unique geological sites of Ukraine, taking into account the student’s specialization.

After graduation, students of the faculty can work in exploration expeditions of the Ukrainian Geological Survey; the National Joint Stock Company (NJSC) “Nadra of Ukraine;, the system of environmental management of various levels; existing quarries and mines and relevant environmental departments; research departments of geological, geochemical and environmental institutes of the National Academy of Sciences, and engineering organizations (including engineering, geological and hydrogeological surveys). The best graduates have the opportunity to enter the graduate school at the Faculty of Geology of our university as well as at faculties of geology and geological and environmental research institutes of Ukraine and around the world.


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