Laboratory of Geoinformation Technology and Computer Modeling

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The educational laboratory was created to provide high-quality training for master’s and bachelor’s degree students who attended the relevant courses. In the process of activity, the educational laboratory performs the following functions:

– searching, studying and approbation of best practices, further improvement of computerization and the integrated use of technical means in the educational process as a natural direction in the development of computerization of education;

– maximum use of computer technology potential in the organization of classes and independent work of students;

– defining the ways to implement the latest computer learning technologies in accordance with proposals of administration, decisions of the University Council, orders of the rector, regulatory and methodological documentation.


The main tasks of the educational laboratory are to help teachers and students in the educational and scientific process. In particular, the educational laboratory:

  • provides an environment for conducting practical classes and laboratory work at a high scientific, methodological and technical level;
  • provides appropriate conditions for students to work on term papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses;
  • promotes scientific research by graduate students and doctoral students of the faculty on the subject of their dissertations;
  • helps to conduct methodological and scientific seminars;
  • provides all participants in the educational process with safe working environment in accordance with the requirements established by the current legislation;
  • maintains appliances, equipment and materials in proper technical condition for performing laboratory, practical work and research;
  • maintains web-based information lists at the appropriate level;
  • helps in organizing students’ independent work.

The educational laboratory is equipped with devices, technical teaching means, computer equipment and other equipment necessary to complete the tasks.

The educational laboratory is provided with: labor protection means; primary firefighting equipment in accordance with the Fire safety rules for establishments, institutions and organizations.


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