Interdepartmental Laboratory of X-ray Structural Analysis

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Завідує – Dvorianskyi Andrii

The first radiographic studies at the University of Lviv were initiated in 1923 by Professor Ludwik Khrobak in the X-ray laboratory of the Department of Crystallography, in the room where the interdepartmental laboratory of X-ray structural analysis is now located.

Since 1963, the laboratory has been an independent structural unit of the Faculty of Geology. Until 2001, it was the only interdepartmental laboratory. Hundreds of X-ray diffraction tests are conducted in the laboratory annually. The laboratory has carried out and is carrying out research, the results of which are the basis for dissertations (PhD and doctoral theses). The results of research obtained in our laboratory are presented in a huge number of scientific publications, namely in more than 20 monographs, in more than 1000 articles and in abstracts. Employees of the laboratory take part in research work, by performing important state and economic contractual thematic work, assist in the implementation of the students’ course and diploma projects, and research of postgraduate students.

The Interdepartmental Laboratory of X-ray Structural Analysis of the Faculty of Geology takes an active part in the educational process. There are laboratory classes on the courses such as “Radiography of mineral raw materials”, “Devices and methods of environmental monitoring”, “Soil Science” and others.


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