Laboratory of Ecological and Geological Research

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From left to right: Marusiak V.P., Kremin N.Yu., Kril S.Ya.

The Laboratory of Ecological and Geological Research was established in 2011 at the Department of Ecological and Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology. The purpose of the laboratory is to improve the educational and qualification levels of students studying at the Department of Ecological and Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology in the specialties “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management” and “Geology”.

The main tasks of the laboratory are:

  1. Carrying out of the laboratory and practical works on the following educational courses:

“Soil Science”, “Engineering Soil Science”, “Engineering Geology”, “Hydrogeology”, “Technogenic and Ecological Safety”, “Environmental Geology”, “Environmental Hydrogeology”, “Environmental Modeling and Prediction”, “Engineering Geodynamics”, “Research-and-Development Workshop”, “Methods of hydrogeological and engineering-geological research”, “Fundamentals of hydrogeology and engineering geology”.

  1. Study of the composition, state and properties of the main components of the geological environment.
  2. Assessment, modeling and forecasting of changes in geological and related environments influenced by natural and man-made factors.
  3. Acquisition of practical skills in solving branch regional and local ecological, engineering-geological and hydrogeological problems by students.
  4. Assessment of geoecological hazards and risks.
  5. Conducting research while writing course papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses.
  6. Development of creative, exploratory approach of students and graduate students in solving specific environmental, engineering-geological and hydrogeological problems.
  7. Assistance in organizing extracurricular and individual work for students of full-time and extramural studies.
  8. Implementation of other types of educational work in accordance with the main activities of the Department.
  9. Maintenance of the devices, equipment and materials for laboratory and practical work and research in proper technical condition.

Today, the Laboratory of Ecological and Geological Research is a place where students, graduate students and researchers work while preparing the research essays, course papers, dissertations, bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Employees of the laboratory participate in the preparation of publication of textbooks, lecture courses, methodological developments, research articles, corpora of research papers; they participate in scientific workshops, conferences and also actively cooperate with scientists from Ukraine and Europe.


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